Award Winning Leather Care

Congratulations.  You have discovered the best all-round leather care product in the world!

Are you tired of those messy, smelly, time-consuming three or four-step products?

Have you thrown out more than your share of dried-up old polishes?

Have you damaged expensive leather items because you simply didn't have the time and energy to do all those complicated steps required by other leather care products?

This product is faster and easier to apply than anything on the market, while at the same time better for the leather than those harsh polishes, soaps and silicon sprays.

With one simple application this deep penetrating product lifts out old dirt and grime, conditions the leather, restores the original shine and gives the leather a protective coating against sun, water, scuffing and much more. 

In most cases your leather item will be returned to a near-new finish, often better!  Items thought to be beyond repair are usually restored to a condition beyond your wildest dreams!

Leather Mate, Urad and Tenderly leather care products are famous the world over for one reason: They Work!

On this website you will find invaluable information on cleaning leather, removing leather stains, watefproofing leather, general shoe care, treating leather jackets, caring for your leather furniture and much more.

Information is also provided on care of motorcycle leathers and car interiors, as well as horse riding saddles and other tack.

Recently we have added useful leather care hints and tips and products and information for more serious leather repair needs.

Please feel free to browse the information presented on this website, or better yet try the product out for yourself!  You won't be disappointed and your leather will thank you!

Use Urad, Leathermate, Leather Mate and Tenderly for leather care. They are a great leather cleaner, leather conditioner, leather protector and leather softener all in one. Perfect for wilson leather products. Wilsons leather should probably promote and use Urad and Leather Mate. Urad and Leather mate are also perfect for tandy leather and leather goods of all types. Urad and Leather Mate are better than shoe polish, they give better results, faster and won't damage the shoe. If you like leathertique products, you'll love Urad and Leather Mate. Five-time winner of the prestigious Italian award for Product Excellence. Urad and Leather Mate are far superior to products by tana, renapur, nikwax, lexol, leathertique, dubbin, armor all, Waproo and armorall for many reasons as you will discover on this website. Also known as Urad italian leather care, for italian leather,excellent leather treatment for leather stains. Urad leather softener famous the world over. Learn all about leather cleaning, leather armor, how to clean leather, waterproof leather, clean leather, soften leather, condition leather, protect leather, recondition leather, removing leather stains, protecting from leather stains and other leather damage including water damage. Leathermate can re-condition leather, restore leather, restore leather finish, repair leather. Leather Mate is a very fast and effective natural leather care product. Great on shoes, leather or vinyl, gives a fantastic shoeshine, a much better shoe shine than a messy polish.Urad and Leather mate take care of your shoe leather, shoe care, shoe protection, but also saddles. Urad leather saddle care is amazing! Use Urad and Leather Mate for leather saddle care, to clean saddles and care for allequestrian equipment. Not only does it condition saddles, but urad and Leather Mate are excellent for leather furniture including: leather sofas, leather office chairs and your entire leather lounge suite. Use Urad, Leather Mate and Tenderly to clean leather sofas, condition leather sofas, clean leather furniture, condition leather furniture and protect leather furniture. Urad and Leather Mate are the ultimate leather furniture protector. Used Lexol before? Try Urad or Leathermate instead. You won't be disappointed. Before your next order of Kiwi or Nikwax, give Urad and Leather Mate a try. You will not be disappointed. In summary, Urad and Leathermate/Leather Mate are great for leather jacket, protect leather, protect leather jacket, condition leather jacket, clean leather jacket, motorcycle leathers, sporting equipment, car interiors, automotive leather, car leather, dash board protection, dash board, vinyl furniture, protect vinyl, protect rubber, clean vinyl, clean rubber. Leather Mate, Tenderly and Urad, fantastic leather care products made in Italy. Find out more by reading testimonials from happy Leather Mate, Urad and Tenderly leather cream users. And remember: Urad is a superior shoe polish because it is not a shoe polish. Urad gives a better result than a shoe polish and is actually good for the shoe leather. Leather Mate is superior to shoe polish because it is natural, gives a better shoe shine and is actually good for the leather. Laether Care at it's best.

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