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"No Kidding Around! This is the BEST stuff for your motorcycle leathers!"

Magazine reviews, customer letters, industry endorsements. They all point to the same thing: Leather Mate (also called Urad) is the absolute best product for protecting and caring for your motorcycle leathers.

Read the magazine reviews or customer testimonials, and review the product information and photographs on this site and you will be left with little doubt! Once you use it for yourself you will never go back to any other product.

Here's why:

It cleans! Leather Mate contains natural cleaners as part of its award-winning formula. This means it doesn't just cover up dirty soiled leather like other products. It deep cleans. It even removes dead bugs and insects from your leather jacket as well as off the back of your mirrors!

It conditions! Leather Mate "feeds" your leathers with necessary natural oils with leaving the leather feeling sticky or greasy. It re-conditions old dry faded motorcycle leathers in minutes.

Restores Natural Shine & Color: Leather Mate returns a natural shine to the leather that looks like new. It also restores color to sun damaged and faded leathers. And, if the neutral version can't get all the color back, the black Urad or Leather Mate will!

Gives Breathable Water Protection! The carnauba wax contained in Leather Mate and Urad keeps out water and moisture while at the same time not blocking the pores of the leather. This is vital as leather that won't breath is susceptible to mould and mildew.

Scuff & Scratch Protection: The carnauba wax gives the leather an extremely strong coating that resists scuffing and scratching.

Won't Rub Off: Unlike other products, Leather Mate absorbs completely and dries fully to a non-sticky non-greasy finish. As it was originally designed for expensive Italian leather furniture, it does not rub off on clothes. Even the colored version of Urad and Leather Mate do not come off at all.

It Goes a Long Way! A little bit of Leather Mate goes a long way, and it will not dry out in the tin like a regular polish. One jar will treat approximately 200-300 sq. ft. of leather. This is enough cream to treat 40 leather jackets or up to 150 pairs of motorcycle boots.

Make sure you take the time to read all of the reviews, customer testimonials and product information available on the site. If you have questions, contact us using the contact page and we will usually answer within a matter of hours. Then, when you are ready to order, use the link below or select the appropriate product page from the dropdown menus at the top of this page.

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How do you really take care of all of your expensive Motorcycle Leather? Correct Care of your Motorcycle or Motor Bike/Biker Jacket, Chaps, Gloves, Pants, Apparel, Boots, Vest, Saddle Bags and Motorcycle Seats can greatly extend their lifespan thus saving you thousands of dollars.
With this product (Urad & Leather Mate) you cna clean, condition, waterproof, shine and protect all of your motorcycle leathers of any color all with the one cream and all in one simple step. If you need to soften old dried up and faded motorcycle leathers then Urad & Leather Mate are the product for you!
This is an award-winning leather cream from Italy for all of your motorcycle and motor bike leathers. A must for any serious biker with a lot of leather. It will definitely clean, condition, waterproof & protect your leather jackets, chaps, gloves, pants, apparel, boots, vests, leather seat & saddle bags.
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Award-winning Italian leather care for all of your motorcycle/motor bike leathers. Clean, condition, waterproof & protect your motorcycle/motorbike/biker leather jackets, chaps, gloves, pants, apparel, boots & vests.Protect your motocycle leather with this simple one-step leather care product that cleans, conditions and protects against sun fading, water, scratching and scuffing in one easy step. Urad & Leather Mate is the preferred leather care amongst serious motorcycle bikers and riders!
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