Equestrian Leather Care

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    Clean, Condition & Protect Your Saddle

  • Stop using saddle soap!
  • Stop using 4 different products to clean, condition, protect & shine!
  • Try Urad & Leather Mate instead and see the difference!

    Urad & Leather Mate products are equally impressive on both Western and English Saddles. They can be used to easily maintain saddles during practice and training, to protect them when not in use and to easily and quickly bring them up to standard for competition.

    But don't just take our word for it. The product has been reviewed in countless equestrian magazines and publications, by stables around the world and by trainers and riders as well as those who simply love a good saddle!


    "The product was tested extensively by four of our officers for possible endorsement by our association. The outcome of the testing was 'incredible' to say the least!

    "Leather Mate was tested on a 40 year old Longhorn saddle which was cleaned and waxed prior to the test. One side of the saddle was recleaned using Leather Mate over the previous waxing. Results were that not only did the Leather Mate side have a better finish it also removed the old wax buildup in the intricate tooling."


    "Our tester, a professional hunter trainer with over thirty years' tack-cleaning experience, found the product did the best job of removing grunge lining a bridle or on the panels of a saddle if she first scrubbed the tack with a sponge or terry towel dampened with plain warm water, and then used Leather Mate, which does not need water, with its sponge applicator.

    "The cleaner/conditioner, which comes in neutral or black, went on evenly and left even old, dry tack with a lustrous glow. The rich, soft appearance remained through the next day, instead of fading after a few hours, as many other cleaners do--so in addition to using it for basic tack care, our tester plans to use it as a finisher at shows, where the gleam of cared-for tack can make all the difference between so-so and exceptional turnout."


    "Your product, Urad/Leather Mate, is appreciated so much by my farm management and workers that I thought I would take a few minutes to let you know. I have over twenty horses and I use only leather halters and saddles. We have always used saddle soap and the old spit & polish method, which took a lot of time and time is money here so we are always looking for faster, better and more efficient ways to do everything. We find that Urad/Leathermate does a fine job of cleaning, gives a nice shine and offers some protection from the mud and rain at the same time.

    "I took some to my trainers at the race track and they were very excited about it also--especially in the spring when the horses come off the training track, splattered thick with mud. So thank you for a great much needed product."

    One 8oz jar will treat approximately 20-30 saddles.
    (plus do all of your tack and boots)