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The recommended basic order is one container of neutral and one of black. This will enable you to deal with virtually every color and type of finished leather. Ordering more than one item at a time also saves you money as shipping charges increase only slightly once the intial order is covered.

For more information on any of these products, go to the product info pages on this website.

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  7oz/200g jar
URAD - Neutral
$27.99 CAD
Neutral is suitable for all colors of smooth finished leather. It cleans, nourishes, shines and protects in a single, fast and easy application.

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  7oz/200g jar
URAD - Black
$27.99 CAD
If you have a lot of black leather, or your leather needs some color rejuvenation, this product is a smart addition to your purchase of Neutral Urad. The Black Urad contains a unique pigment that penetrates the leather and will not rub off if properly applied (click for info).

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  7oz/200g jar
(red, burgundy and navy = 5oz)
URAD - Colours
$27.99 CAD
The URAD colours are fantastic for rejuvenating and maintaining coloured leather. Each coloured product contains a unique pigment that penetrates the leather and will not rub off if properly applied. Exact colour matching is not needed as they treat a broad variety of colours in that general range. NOTE: Unless you are an experienced user it is strongly recommended that you use either Neutral or Black where possible.

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  5oz/140g jar
$27.99 CAD
Tenderly is a more delicate treatment for softer finished leathers. It does not contain the carnauba wax that is in Urad and Leather Mate.

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Professional Leather Cleaner
$14.95 CAD
Designed in Italy for professional leather cleaning companies. Cleans tough dirt, oil, marks and stains without drying out or stripping natural oils. Especially good on light colors or very soft leather. Used regularly will prevent the build up of hair and body oils on headrests, armrests and collars. Also effective on nubuck and some suede.

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1 Brush, 1 Bar
Suede & Nubuck - Brush & Eraser Bar
$7.95 CAD
This simple little kit produces miracles on marks and stains on suede and nubuck. Rubbing the eraser bar on the mark or stain removes it within seconds in most cases. The brush is then used to remove the residue as well as any dust, and to restore the natural nap.

Special Note: Tenderly and the Professional Leather Cleaner can be used to good effect in combination with the brush and eraser bar as needed.

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  Water & Stain Repellent 200ml
Water & Stain Repellent
$19.99 CAD
The "Shoe M-G-K" Water & Stain Repellent protects suede, nubuck, fine leather, fabrics, nylon and other materials from water stain causing agents. It is the ideal product to use after you have cleaned and conditioned your suede.

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Kit for Leather Lovers
Leather Lovers Kit
Special Price: $64.95 CAD
(usually $70.00)
The Leather Lovers Kit contains Leather Mate Neutral, Tenderly Leather Cream and Professional Leather Cleaner. It also comes with two application sponges and detailed instructions and usage tips.

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