In this section we have attempted to answer the most common questions customers have about Urad, Leather Mate and Tenderly. If you do not see your question answered here, please feel free to email us using the link at the bottom of this page.

  • Where do you ship to?
  • What type of leather can this product be used on?
  • Is the product sticky, greasy or slippery when dry?
  • How much product is in each jar? How long will the product last?
  • Is it safe to use on all leather types?
  • Can I use it on suede?
  • Does the product have any kind of an odor?
  • How long will the product take to arrive after I place my order?
  • How much product do I use at one time? How do I apply it?
  • What is the difference between Urad and Leather Mate?
  • What types of things can Leather Mate/Urad be used on?
  • Does the product dry out like a polish? What do I do?
  • Is it safe to use on furniture? Will it rub off?
  • How many jars will I need for my leather sofa?
  • Should I clean my leather before using this product?
  • If Neutral is good for all colors why are their colored versions of the product?
  • Can I dye my shoes with the colored Urad?
  • Will Urad/Leathermate remove ink stains from my leather?
  • Can I use Urad on my lambskin jacket?
  • Will this product waterproof my leather?
  • Where do I get additional sponge applicators?
  • How do I clean the sponge applicators?

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